We are manufacturers of men’s shoes and boots. In Calzados Clayan quality materials are used, we are updating our designs, styles, testing and renovating lasts, fabrications with a single purpose, to achieve an elegant, comfortable and durable footwear.

Spring-Summer 2022 Catalog


In 1981 a small family business dedicated to the manufacture of footwear was born in Portillo de Toledo, (Toledo), this small company is evolving and improving day by day, so since 2000 Clayan has designed and manufactured a classic men’s shoe. Continuing with the tradition of the shoe that is well made and cared for down to its smallest details, we have achieved an elegant, resistant, and durable shoe.

At the beginning of 2003, Clayan entered a new dynamic by creating a new line of less classic shoes, aimed at a wider audience, a more informal footwear, but without losing the quality of all our designs.

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