Object. These conditions regulate the access, navigation and use of the Internet website on which it is located and whose owner has made available to users of the network.

The access, navigation and use is free, and, in case a particular service is not, it will be warned, indicating the amount that must be paid to dispose of it.

Access to the website and its use attributes you the condition of user, and implies full acceptance, without reservation, of each and every one of the conditions of use that the owner, in accordance with current legislation, determines and makes known hereby.

If you are not satisfied with any, some or all of these conditions must refrain from accessing and / or using this Website.

Modification. The owner reserves the possibility of modifying the present conditions of access and use and the user must accept their modification from the moment in which said modification is made manifest by its inclusion in these conditions.

Obligation to provide services. The owner reserves the right to suspend or cancel, totally or partially, the page and or the services that it offers through it.

intelectual and industrial property. All content, services, information, data and, in general, any creation protected by the laws on intellectual property and industrial property made available to users are the owner’s own, or have the proper and express authorization for use, exhibition and / or exploitation of its owners or owners.

The user can not, in any case, copy, reproduce by any means, alter, delete or make any kind of manipulation in said contents, services, information or data that has been made available to them.

The user, therefore, recognizes and accepts that the rights of industrial property and intellectual property over the contents and over any element of the page are the owner’s and that therefore it lacks any right to use and / or exploit them, unless you have express and prior authorization of the owner.

The user acknowledges that he can only use the contents and elements of the page for personal, private and non-profit use.

Damages. The user can not, in any case, cause damage to the owner of the website or users who access it, through programs, orders or any type of instruction generated by him or simply transmitted consciously or voluntarily. And for that reason it will be responsible for those that cause.

Links. The user can not establish links or links of any kind between this page and others, own or not of that, without previous and express authorization of the owner.