• Claims that the client wants to make, for supply errors or for visible defects must be made within 72 hours after the delivery of the goods, indicating the type of damage or the reason for the claim. EIn any case, the customer must state the visible defects or deterioration in the return part provided by the Customer Service Department, which can be contacted by telephone, through his delegate in his country or by mail
  • The customer will have a period of 72 hours to review the content of the merchandise received. Once said term has elapsed without having made any claim, it will be understood that the products received are in full compliance.


2.1 The CLIENT may not make any return without prior notification to the COMPANY in order to obtain their express consent and instructions for shipping. The CUSTOMER must contact the customer service department in advance to process the return.

It is important that photos are included where quality defects are appreciated. The choice of means of transport corresponds to the company. In case the return has not been communicated or is made without respecting its instructions, this will entitle the COMPANY to refuse the return.

2.2 Returns must consist of a minimum of 12 pairs per shipment.

In case the returns are of lesser amount, they should first consult with the commercial delegate or, failing that, with customer service.

2.3 In the same shipment you can NOT include products of different brands, unless the COMPANY so authorizes it in writing

2.4 Once THE COMPANY receives the return and checks that it complies with all the conditions, the corresponding credit will be issued. In case any product does not meet the conditions, the return will not be accepted and will be returned to the CUSTOMER at your expense.