We are a Spanish shoe brand that manufactures men’s and women’s footwear in Fuensalida, Toledo. Quality, elegance and comfort are our hallmarks.


The manufacturing process of Baerchi shoes begins with the demanding selection of the raw materials used. The quality of the hides used is essential to obtain the desired end product.

We use top quality materials that bring to the customer the irreplaceable concepts of comfort, elegance and quality that have defined us over the years. Our raw material undergoes quality controls before starting the manufacturing process. Top quality leathers are used meticulously with totally natural finishes, with exhaustive control over the input of materials, production and output of the product in order to meet the customer’s expectations. When it comes to the production of the product, the meticulous process takes on great importance, combining the skill of the workers, the most advanced technology and the quality of the materials.

At Baerchi we are not satisfied and that is why we want to continue researching, innovating and investing in state-of-the-art machinery, all of this to provide our customers with the greatest comfort.


Quality is our hallmark. At Baerchi we capture the Spanish personality in our shoes.


Good value for money is what makes the difference.


Design and technology are worked on with the aim of improving our final product and providing greater walking satisfaction.


The handcrafted production of Baerchi shoes maintains the company’s essence and shoemaking tradition, passing from generation to generation with comfortable, modern and elegant shoe lines.

The process unites tradition and modernity, combining original and traditional footwear manufacturing techniques with the latest technologies.

Once the design has been obtained, the cutting patterns are generated to transfer both the leather and the lining to the material. This part must be carefully taken care of because the cut must be optimal to avoid future problems in the assembly. It is at this stage that the quality of the footwear will be demonstrated to a greater or lesser extent.

The complex development of the Baerchi lines begins with the design and selection of the most suitable and up-to-date materials and continues with the work of the craftsman.

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