• 1888

    John Boyd Dunlop invents the pneumatic wheel when he sees his son bounce on the tricycle due to the hardness of the wheels

  • 1890

    The first tire factory opens

  • 1896

    Dunlop is a registered trademark

  • 1917

    They made the first Dunlop tennis racket, but it was not until the 31st that their most popular racket: the “Maxply”

  • 1927

    Dunlop joined Liverpool Rubber Co. Lft. and expanded its production to protective footwear (boots)

  • 1928

    ‘Green Flash’ tennis shoes: Dunlop discovered a way to embed the canvas into a rubber compound

  • 1939

    Inspired by Adrian Quist, a tennis legend, they added a very unusual rubber sole to the canvas sneakers, making Dunlop Volley a hit

  • 1978

    Launch of the KT26, a revolution in the cushioning of running

  • Now

    Dunlop is a legend for all its history innovating, and its sneakers represent the forefront of sports

Sport style
by Dunlop

Sports shoes with the elegant and refined style of the British.
A sophisticated yet informal style to give that feeling of freedom that we all seek.


Spring/Summer 2021


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