Manufacture of handcrafted footwear inherited from generation to generation with 100% handcrafted products with hundreds of years of tradition, but with a plot twist, we are sustainable, not in the way our ancestors were, because we live in a different era, but by paying a lot of attention to detail and demanding certification from our suppliers (as you will see below), and being certified by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition ourselves.

Apart from our suppliers, what makes them sustainable? It is already a big step to work with quality and sustainable raw materials, but, for our part, we do not use chrome in our shoes, the dyes are also sustainable, even the glue is water-based (cleaner than plastic glues), the boxes we use are made of recycled materials.

But not everything in our brand is sustainability, although much of it is, we make fashionable footwear, but without losing the essence of handmade shoes, besides being comfortable, light and breathable.

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For our leathers, all suppliers must be audited and certified by the Leather Working Group. This is a certificate of traceability, as well as environmental, in which the origin of the animals and the traceability of the leathers are controlled at all times, ensuring that throughout the production process the different companies are controlled according to safety, environmental, social and production standards, as required by law.

What does “traceability” mean? It is a word that we may intuitively understand, but it means that this organization needs transparency to give its certification, that is, that the origin of the skins and the different locations they have been through can be traced.

The fabrics we use are 100% recycled and we require Global Recycling Standard accreditation certificates (from Control Union) from suppliers in order to demonstrate material sourcing and traceability.

Control Union puts the focus on sustainability, offering high quality, reliable and independent audits (i.e. from third parties, they do not even have shares in the stock exchange to ensure impartiality). These audits are not only to ensure their values, but also to provide sustainable and safe solutions for the product and personnel, as well as protecting the environment and the communities they work with.

Through its portal you can view the carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, agricultural practices and social criteria of potential suppliers.


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