In 2004 our shoe brand Vienty was born in Aspe (Alicante). A women’s footwear brand that offers a comfortable, versatile and original product thanks to the top quality materials and the latest technology that we use in the manufacturing process.

In each of Vienty’s collections we find a wide variety of designs of shoes, boots, ankle boots, ballerinas and sandals. Each season we renew the lines, materials, textures and colours to offer new creations of women’s shoes that are the latest in fashion trends.

If there is something that characterises our brand, Vienty shoes, apart from offering the latest trends, it is our essence: the care, passion and character of our shoes.

Care in each manufacturing process, passion for our work and the Spanish character of our shoes. Shoes made in Spain that will make you smile as you walk.

Este innovador material, además de llevar un tratamiento antibacterias, aporta confort y mantiene el pie seco.This innovative material, in addition to an antibacterial treatment, provides comfort and keeps the foot dry. It is breathable, absorbent and anti-allergenic.
The use of gel insoles is specifically recommended by podiatrists and physiotherapists for the maintenance and care of our feet. The gel insole provides not only comfort, but also health for our feet, avoiding possible injuries and future problems.
Nickel is a component that has been known for decades to cause allergic reactions. Therefore, at Vienty we NEVER use buckles or trimmings that incorporate this component as it is one of the most common causes of dermatitis.
Our shoes allow the foot to breathe better thanks to breathable materials. This also contributes to moisture regulation, reduces the growth of bacteria and fungus and eliminates foot odour.
Numerous studies advise that the ideal height is between 2 and 5 cm, as the weight is equally distributed between the forefoot and the heel.
Tread firmly and confidently, it’s much easier that way. When the sole of the shoe grips the ground with each step, it prevents slipping and wobbling.
Where possible, we add extra comfort by incorporating an anatomical footbed into our designs. This footbed provides extra support for the sole of the foot. This produces a very pleasant sensation, reduces fatigue and promotes blood circulation.
All our designs are in line with market trends. But, when they are the latest trend… the one that’s all the rage at the moment, we’ll let you know. Because, hey, as long as it fits your personality and style, doesn’t it make you feel even more beautiful? And isn’t this healthy??

Collection Spring/Summer 2021
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