Men’s shoes since 1972

At Baerchi we have been manufacturing men’s footwear since our origins.
In Baerchi we are committed to quality and design, always mixing craftsmanship and modernity.

Made in Spain

Quality is our hallmark. At Baerchi we capture the Spanish personality in our shoes.


Good value for money is what makes the difference.


Design and technology are worked on with the aim of improving our final product and providing greater walking satisfaction.

The Baerchi man

The Baerchi man goes strong. They look for quality and elegance in their shoes and set their own course, so they need comfortable, firm yet lightweight footwear.

The Baerchi man is committed to simplicity with touches of distinction, which is why our men’s shoes are very comfortable and elegant. Buscamos la absoluta comodidad y hacer sentir bien por ir a la moda a todos.

En Baerchi, la calidad es nuestra máxima, por eso hacemos zapatos con pieles y materiales de primera calidad con valor añadido, como los anchos especiales y, como no, Made in Spain.

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