Fall-Winter 2021/22

Tradition and innovation

The emphasis of this brand is on your feet, not only that your footwear is beautiful, but that it is functional and comfortable. They manage to combine all this thanks to a long artisan tradition settled in Arnedo, La Rioja, in addition to their attention to detail and innovative technology.

Rethinking the Mediterranean

You may think you already know everything that “Mediterranean style” can mean, or that “Made in Spain” is already a minimum standard, but Marila still has a lot to say and these sandals will surprise you even if you think you’ve seen it all. Also, as a brand, they are trying to reduce plastic in the packaging, and taking care of the planet is also taking care of us.


Avant-garde fashion

Vienty knows what it does, and it makes avant-garde fashion: cowgirl boots for summer, square toes, chains, you name it! Always made in Spain, with spectacular designs and super comfortable, because you don’t need to suffer to be beautiful and fashionable.

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