• Artisan

    Cosido a mano

    Quality stitch by stitch

  • Light

    Mitad del peso

    Fluchos XL Extralight® Technology

  • Sanotan leather

    Sin alégrenos

    Because an innovative process without chrome

  • Shock absortion

    Eliminates the effort when walking

  • Waterproof

    pero transpirables

    It prevents water from entering, but it perspires

In 1960, Fluchos was born as a family shoe company, all made in Spain In the 70s-80s, Fluchos launched his first hand-sewn shoe patent and launched a more casual line called Free Time In the 90s, Fluchos began to use anti-humidity waterproof skins that completely isolate from cold and water In the 21st century, Fluchos continued to innovate with the creation of antistatic insoles and waterproof designs.

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