Multicoloured fall

Comfortable and elegant since 1972

We manufacture men’s and women’s footwear in Fuensalida, Toledo.
Quality, elegance and comfort are the hallmarks of our brand.

At Baerchi we want to claim “Made in Spain” as our flag because our artisan production, based on knowledge passed down from generation to generation, is what makes the difference.

But… What does “Made in Spain” really mean? In reality, it means 3 things: quality, design and price. In addition to this, at Baerchi we give special importance to quality, because feet are a very delicate part of the body and we must take care of them.

Our 4 pillars


We want you to wear our shoes all day and feel good, so comfort is very important to us.


This is our motto. We make durable shoes, with good leathers and materials.


Comfort is not at odds with elegance. Baerchi women are elegant and have good taste.


Always attentive to trends, at Baerchi we are up to date in fashion, but without neglecting the rest of our values.

With personality

Baerchi women know what they want, they are confident and seek to leave their mark wherever they go. They like things to be clear and they know which direction to take. They want a shoe that makes them feel good, confident and free at the same time, so they need a comfortable, quality shoe, without sacrificing fashion and elegance.

BAERCHI women go through life with their feet firmly on the ground and for that they need footwear made of the best materials, comfortable, feminine and elegant. They deserve to wear the best and we know how to give it to them. For us, quality comes first and foremost.

Catalogue FALL-WINTER 2021/22

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