Let’s talk a little bit more about the dinosaur, we already know that they have more than 40 years of experience, but what does this mean? What have they done in these 40 years? Well, look, with their family origin, they have grown and innovated until they are recognized as shoe manufacturers nationwide, but most impressive: they are known internationally for their sponsors.

But things have changed, right? We cannot stay in the past, and with the leadership of the Ochoa brothers, the company is reinventing itself, and its objective is to present itself with a more corporate character to endow the brand with a new entity, but without forgetting its roots.


It’s certain that they combine tradition and innovation, but what is traditions contribution? Of course, knowing how to do things well and a lot of experience, but things change very quickly and you have to be attentive to market changes, because in Laro we do not want you to miss the latest trends.

If you have time, I encourage you to watch the video where you can see how Laro’s “espadrilles” are made. I promise it is hypnotic!

Autumn-Winter 2020 Collection

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