Fall-Winter 2021/22

Did you know that the concept of “carbon footprint” was coined by the oil company BP? It is one of the 100 companies that produce 71% of polluting emissions. Ironic, right? It was a marketing strategy to shift the weight of the climate emergency towards individuals, when it is the big companies that pollute the most, for this reason, initiatives such as Recykers, Sandálika and Genuins are so necessary for the planet.

These sustainable fashion brands are not only based on the fourth R: Recycle (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot), but also seek to reduce the impact in the process of producing, for example, like Recykers’”Ice Washed” procedure, or materials such as cork, which is present in Genuins’ shoes and is infinitely recyclable, in addition to the fact that its origin is always from the Mediterranean, if not Spain or Portugal, so the transport contamination is also reduced.

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