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Making shoes is and has always been our way of life. It is what we do best and the area from which we have decided to join this cause.



We aspire to be one of the reference platforms in the circular economy, starting from recycling, but we also understand the collaborative economy as a fundamental basis for the development of environmentally friendly products. All projects, productions and products related to sustainability have a place in our platform.


We put our industrial, business and communication capacity at the service of the development of projects and products that have sustainability as a reference. Brands and companies in any field can count on Recykers® as an ally for the collective development of sustainability projects.


Creating shoes is and has always been our way of life. It is what we do best and the area from which we have decided to join this cause. We want to continue designing and manufacturing products that help transform, from within the industry. the way things are done.

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Our statement

We were talking about the fact that you can’t miss out on the why’s, because the zero waste philosophy is the essence of this brand, I’m sure it rings a bell, but what exactly is zero waste? Initially, it was conceptualized as for companies to minimize their waste, but it went to the individual level and became popular this way (and it became fashionable, although it is a philosophy, not a fashion). Anyway, it is the companies that pollute the most in the process and Recykers seeks to change this way of doing things, looking for new ways of producing. Stay until the end if you are interested in knowing more!

A little bit of brand history

Have you heard that the planet is a loan from the next generation? This is part of the start of the brand, since they are not only looking for a company that they can leave to their children, but a different way of doing things that also helps to hand down a planet a little bit cleaner. Also, let’s face it, the new generations are no longer interested in traditional ways of doing things, they are looking for other things: they look at sustainability, if the company has a social commitment, or if at least it is trying, it is not just a legacy, but a way to connect with your children.


This initiative engages organizations, businesses, and individuals to help clean up the oceans, but also strives to make them aware of the threat that plastic is to marine life. But, what exactly do they do? They work with discarded plastic to recycle it. In English there is a difference between “upcycle” and “downcycle”, and it is the value of the resulting product, if it is higher, it is “upcycled”, and, this is the case of Recykers since they take plastic bottles (low value) and turn them into shoes with spectacular designs (high value).

Ice washed

Did you know that a lot of water is used to dye shoes? And dyes are, generally, not especially sustainable, so a lot of water is also contaminated, but this procedure reduces not only the water, but also the energy used. Genius, right?

Intersectional feminism

Despite the page being divided into gender categories, Recykers’ designs address another social sphere: inclusiveness. These designs are for all people, and only sizes vary, it is ordered in this way to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, but we cannot forget that not all people identify with a specific genre.

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