Fall-Winter 2020/21

Youthful and forever

This brand knows what men are looking for, easy and simple looks, without forgetting the comfort, but Dj Santa, goes one step further, wanting to give the possibility that each one finds their own style and personality, for this very reason, they design their shoes thinking of the clients who, we all know, do not want to change shoes for every occasion of the day.

Everything for you

You still don’t know Kasaka? Well, they do everything for you! Their goal? May all men feel like they are at home.
Their experience allows them to know what basics you need for this season to be in trendy and their vocation to give you the best makes them aware of how much competitive prices matter in which the customer is always who matters the most.

The perfect match

You still don’t know Chika10 Man? Do not worry, because their designs are going to delight you and their prices will surprise you, this is possible because this brand has been able to find the difficult balance between quality, price and fashion.
After years of experience we can ensure that they know the tastes and preferences of the
men and they show it, year after year, in their proposals. You want to see them?

Innovative quality

Light, handmade shoes, chrome-free, with a flexible skin, that absorb impact, waterproof, regulate the interior temperature allowing the foot to breathe and a long etc. are the characteristics of the shoes of this brand.

Let’s not forget that they are made in Spain and have a long history: more than half a century making shoes and always betting on innovating in new technologies (as its long list of features indicates) to create quality shoes with absolute comfort.

Always free

You have to know their jeans, for sure – they were the first to produce them in Europe, but here we talk about shoes, right? Because they also follow the same line of rebellion and nonconformity when designing them, creating them to experience the world.

Lois advocates for creativity, insubordination, and they really want to abolishing boredom. You do too?

Tradition and innovation

The emphasis of this brand is on your feet, not only that your footwear is beautiful, but that it is functional and comfortable. They manage to combine all this thanks to a long artisan tradition settled in Arnedo, La Rioja, in addition to their attention to detail and innovative technology.

This, in the end, means that their shoes are breathable because they use 100% natural and thermoregulable materials; and latest generation insoles made from absorbent fabrics and with an antibacterial treatment, which are also super comfortable. Put all this together with an impeccable design, and you have a Pitillos shoe.

Freedom fashion

Who does not dream of someday going away and forgetting everything? It sounds so appealing to leave the heels and dress shoes behind, right? And why not have shoes that make you feel free even when you are home? I promise you that it is possible, whether you are going to walk the dog or go for a hike, Nicoboco has beautiful and comfortable shoes for you.

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