Fall – Winter 2020/21

Adapted to growth

It is part of our collective imagination that the skin of babies is more delicate than that of adults, but do you take this into account when making shoes? Weestepkids, yes! And not only that, but they take into account that it is fun, fashionable and of great quality, designed to give good support for the little ones to move and grow correctly.

The story of care

We always want the best for the little ones and what better than a company that has been making children’s shoes since 1968, but not only because of this it is worthy of special attention, but they are also constantly updating, inspired by new trends and materials of first quality, also made in Spain. What more can we ask for?

The perfect match

You still don’t know Chika10? Do not worry, because their designs are going to delight you and their prices will surprise you, this is possible because this brand has been able to find the difficult balance between quality, price and fashion.
After years of experience we can ensure that they know the needs of parents and have a wide variety of styles to delight the little ones in the house. Don’t hesitate, you will be surprised!

Sustainable fashion

Fashion, comfort, quality and sustainability, is there something else you could ask for? GENUINS is a young brand, but with a long family tradition of shoemakers, that cares about the environment. In practice, this means: 80% #AnimalFree, 100% Made in Spain and 120% effortto make products to be proud of.

Looking for adventure

You have to know their jeans, for sure – they were the first to produce them in Europe, but here we talk about shoes, right? Because they also follow the same line of rebellion and nonconformity when designing them, creating them to experience the world.

Lois advocates for creativity, insubordination, and they really want to abolishing boredom. You do too?

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