Fall-Winter 2020/21

Style with personality

Let’s start with their motto: “Getting here is like getting to your house. Nowhere will they treat you better” and I, even at home, want to be cute, let alone on the street. Eskandalo y Kaos is a brand for us, young women who deserve to be the center of attention and we are for this brand, because what matters most to them is that we go to fashion even with basic shoes.

Only for women

Dorking was born as the feminine alternative for Fluchos when this brand only produced for men, but now, you ask yourself, what makes it different if Fluchos has a collections for women?

It is the conception of the brand. Dorking focuses on footwear only and exclusively for women, making a quality, comfortable and fashionable shoe, of course, Made in Spain for a stylish and cosmopolitan woman.

Sustainable fashion

Fashion, comfort, quality and sustainability, is there something else you could ask for? Genuins is a young brand, but with a long family tradition of shoemakers, that cares about the environment. In practice, this means: 80% #AnimalFree, 100% Made in Spain and 120% effortto make products to be proud of.

Innovative quality

Light, handmade shoes, chrome-free, with a flexible skin, that absorb impact, waterproof, regulate the interior temperature allowing the foot to breathe and a long etc. are the characteristics of the shoes of this brand.

Let’s not forget that they are made in Spain and have a long history, more than half a century making shoes and always trying hard to innovate in new technologies (as its long list of features indicates) to create quality shoes with absolute comfort.

Tradition and innovation

The emphasis of this brand is on your feet, not only that your footwear is beautiful, but that it is functional and comfortable. They manage to combine all this thanks to a long artisan tradition settled in Arnedo, La Rioja, in addition to their attention to detail and innovative technology.

This, in the end, means that their shoes are breathable because they use 100% natural and thermoregulable materials; and latest generation insoles made from absorbent fabrics and with an antibacterial treatment, which are also super comfortable. Put all this together with an impeccable design, and you have a Pitillos shoe.

The perfect match

You still don’t know Chika10? Do not worry, because their designs are going to delight you and their prices will surprise you, this is possible because this brand has been able to find the difficult balance between quality, price and fashion.
After years of experience we can assure that they know the taste of women, so we can all find a perfect match. But do not despair if you are a man or you are looking for something for the children, because they are also full of surprises for you.

Sneakers time!

Sure you know them as sports shoes, but these are not for sports, but to go to the latest fashion: you can even combine them with suits, yes! As you read it. In addition, a great plus is that they are designed in Spain, taking into account the trends here, for you.

Heels and comfortable!

The first thought that pops into your head when we think of heels is usually how uncomfortable they are for walking around, but they so are beautiful. What if I told you that this brand has totally eliminated that discomfort for you? “How?” you may wonder: innovating a lot and getting a flexible, ergonomic and soft shoe. This is possible thanks to its premium natural leather, anatomical insoles and many more things that will make you feel comfortable from the start.

Always free

You have to know their jeans, for sure – they were the first to produce them in Europe, but here we talk about shoes, right? Because they also follow the same line of rebellion and nonconformity when designing them, creating them to experience the world. Lois advocates for creativity, insubordination, and they really want to abolishing boredom. Do you want to join us?

All requirements

Winter is coming and, at least me, I already want to wear boots, warm socks and scarves, but of course, at home I will not wear any of this, like everyone else, I want some comfortable, soft and warm shoes to relax after a hard day at work. But hey, it also has to be nice and not break the first time, right? We got you: Macarena Home meets all our and your requirements and, in addition, with the plus of Made in Spain.

Roots and fashion

Did you know that the O in their logo is inspired by a nod to the dinosaurs?
For them it means a way to forge a new identity without losing its roots, but it
reflects how this brand is: fun, but at the same time with more than 40 years of
experience and adapting to new trends. His designs also are created in these two
lines: cheerful, innovative or more serious, always comfortable to enjoy any activity,
even if it is resting.

Two in one

Tupie as a brand groups other smaller Spanish brands and gives them visibility, but not because they are small they are less important. Globally, this brand aims at the comfort of middle-aged women and works with quality materials, creating soft and super comfortable shoes. Also, it also has slippers, very comfortable and soft, this time, for men too.

Exodo, on the other hand, focuses on the design of their shoes being fashionable, for young people who want to conquer the world and be up to date, but who do not want to sacrifice quality.

Handmade and fashionable

In this company, each one is called by their name: Teresa, Silvia, Alfredo, Alan… And it is that each one of them counts so that you can have these incredible shoes in your hands. Incredible not only for its beautiful design, but because they are handmade, and where else could they come from? Of course, Spain.

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