Enjoy the Nicoboco side of life.

Adventurous personality

NICOBOCO began its journey in 1989, as a distributor of sports / casual and textile footwear, leading for several decades the international ranking in its segment.

Comfortable, attractive, practical, different footwear, 100% Spanish design. A wide range of products, designed to offer design and comfort, a lot of comfort, at a reasonable and competitive price.

The world of surfing, enjoying free time, living life as a great adventure inspire us every day and thanks to our design team and the combined work between the headquarters of Brazil and Spain, we create a unique product with a great character from its origin.

360 degrees of comfort, design, functionality.
To travel the world from north to south, from east to west.
To climb the mountains or descend to the nearest metro stop.
360 degrees of energy, style, personality.
To share with whoever you want, to enjoy alone, to live your way.
We present the new Winter 360º Collection by NICOBOCO.


The Energy Return technology, exclusive to NICOBOCO, is based on the extra injection of rubber particles that favors the recovery of impact more quickly. The result?

Extreme flexibility and a damping effect on the tread.




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