Nosotros simplemente le ofrecemos the best product the best buy / sell formula the best professionals of the sale the best manufacturers del mercado

Una nueva fórmula de compra/venta

We take care of taking your brand and its manufacturing process to the whole world. And we do it in a way that is simple for you:

  • We work with your catalog of articles and digitize it.
  • In each market our agents study demand continuously and choose a subset of products that are presented to customers.
  • The stores buy through our B2B website, from the general catalogs, the seasonal advance and the ultra-fast service micro-collections.

Sin costos ocultos

With our work model both the manufacturer and the merchant have a purchase / sale formula that eliminates all intermediate expenses, which substantially increase the price of the product.

The manufacturers in our platform expose prices ex works, without including in the price any expense that does not correspond with the manufacturing itself. In this way, the retailer knows what the product really costs and does not pay for average expenses incurred by the manufacturer when marketing its products in the traditional way.

For this reason in B2bShoes you will find charges for transportation (depending on the speed of the service you need), or for financing (if you choose). But what you will never do is pay for those of others: the fact that a merchant does not pay your bills on time will not affect you in your price.

Más barato, más rápido

With our marketing system the manufacturer needs to create fewer samples, you do not need to have real armies of representatives in each country, you do not need to open flags stores to publicize your product.

We find the merchant, and we do it in the most effective way possible: with very little personnel per country, which is shared by many brands; with a show room that adapts to the different collections of each manufacturer, without direct competences; and of course with the most advanced technology.

Our work model is significantly cheaper than any other, which allows a drastic reduction of commercial costs, trips, fairs, etc. so that the product is more economical and profitable: for the factory and for the store.

Le ofrecemos a cada tienda

  • New intra-season models

    Our micro-collections will allow you to keep the store according to the latest trends, continuously.

  • with the best possible price

    No hidden expenses, which increase the cost price. Shoes, only shoes.

  • Commercial support

    With an agent who speaks your language, who knows your market, who looks for the best combination of manufacturers for your store.

  • Tailor-made financing

    Our B2B automatically connects with financial service providers that offer you a customized financing, without extra expenses.

  • In record time

    From the presentation of the collections, to the delivery in their warehouses, we reduce the time to the maximum possible

  • With total guarantee

    We supervise the quality control of each production to guarantee the expected quality

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